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Urban property ownership records projects gathers steam

Mar 15, 2012, 00:24 IST

Chennai/ Mysore


BS Reporter

After completion of the survey work, Karnataka's ambitious 'Urban Property Ownership Records' (UPOR) project has now advanced to the next stage i.e. the ownership enquiry process, in Mysore.

The government has initiated a project to create property records in urban areas. Under this, ownership property records are created for urban properties following the provisions of the Karnataka Land Revenue Act. The property records will be similar to the property records in the form of RTC created in rural areas in the state. Registration has been made compulsory. Property records created accordingly will be considered ownership records as per Section 133 of the Karnataka Land Revenue Act 1964 and will therefore have a presumptive value.

Mysore is one of the four cities in the state where UPOR was launched as a pilot with private-public participation (PPP). The project to digitize land records with a view to provide authentic property records on the lines of RTC records created in rural areas is the first of its kind in the country. It has now been extended to other urban centres, including Bangalore.

The project, which is expected to reduce disputes over property ownership, has received approval and funding from the 12th Finance Commission. UPORs are also expected to check property tax evasion. For instance, present records show around 200,000 properties in Mysore city. But now, after the UPOR survey, it has been found to be higher by 75,000, putting the figure at 275,000, revealing that these property owners are not paying tax.

After its launch in Mysore, field survey of the properties has been completed now. Ownership enquiry process has also been completed in respect of some properties and is in progress for the rest.

Draft UPOR records are ready now for 150 properties in ward No. 12 of J P Nagar in respect of which objections have been invited from their owners. Owners as well as others can raise objections if any within 30 days of the receipt of the draft UPOR record at the UPOR office in Nazarbad, the UPOR Project Officer has said. After resolving the objections, final UPOR records will be ready after 30 days. Respective property owners can collect the records from the UPOR office after paying a fee and identity and address proof like voters; ID, driving licence, ration card, passport, pan card or UID, he said.

The Revenue Department has created a website, www.upor.karnataka.gov.in which will be updated time to time. Draft PR cards generated will be available for viewing in the website. Property holders can search the draft PR card either by giving khatha number, house number or address of the property.

Photographs of the property are also attached to the each property. Owners can confirm its correctness, the officer said.


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