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Khatas not valid proof, IDs on way

TNN Nov 6, 2011, 08.03AM IST


Sunitha Rao R

BANGALORE: If you think the khata issued by your municipal corporation is the document to claim ownership to your property , you are wrong .

Revenue secretary (Bhoomi and urban properties ownership records ) Rajeev Chawla on Saturday said the khata has no legal validity because there are multiple khatas issued for a single property . "The khata does not stand as a record for the ownership of a property."

Speaking to STOI on the sidelines of the inauguration of the 'Anywhere Registration' facility , Chawla said the government will take up a project where citizens will be issued unique ID cards for their properties . The project to create urban property records will be taken up in 50 wards of Bangalore . "Though there is a mandate to form these records in the Land Revenue Act, we failed to do it. But this time , it has been taken up seriously . This model is functioning in Australia and Scotland . In the absence of urban property records , issuance of khatas became a default mechanism," Chawla said .

Properties will be issued unique identity cards . An urban property ownership records scheme will be launched in Bangalore in January 2012. A record will have the map and exact location of the property , besides ownership details.

Easy registration

The new facility to register any property at any sub-registrar's office, and in a jiffy, was launched by chief minister D V Sadananda Gowda on Saturday. The property could be anywhere in the city or even a faraway village. This new online system ends jurisdictional constraints, promises to bring in transparency and do away with touts and bribes.

Changes in khata are on the cards with new measures to ensure the records are genuine. "The khata card will be required for all landrelated transactions, and will serve as a unique ID for property, just as the Aadhaar number will serve as a unique ID for the citizen," Chawla said.

To begin with, the project will cover 16 lakh properties in 50 Bangalore wards. "Revenue officials will survey each and every property. Service centres will be set up for property owners to come to us and submit documents of property ownership," he said.

The revenue department has begun work in Shimoga, Dharwad, Dakshina Kannada and Bellary districts. "In Mysore, as per the municipality revenue records, there were 1.75 lakh properties. But when we did a ground survey, we found an additional 1 lakh properties. The survey was an eyeopener . We have now opened service centres for title enquiry of properties in Mysore. So far, in the four districts, 8 lakh properties have been captured under this scheme."

During title enquiry, it's possible that more than one person will come forward to claim ownership. "We will listen to every person and scrutinize every document before issuing a unique ID," Chawla said.


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