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Survey of 2.75 lakh urban properties completed under UPOR project.

Dec 18 2011

| Mysore


Under the project, all details pertaining to urban properties will be digitised.


The survey and documentation of 2.75 lakh properties in Mysore has been completed under the Urban Property Ownership Record (UPOR) project. Chief Minister D.V. Sadananda Gowda distributed UPOR certificates to the title-holders here on Saturday.

Described as the first such initiative in the country and a major step in the digitalisation of urban property records, all transactions related to urban property will be linked to the UPOR in future.

Definitive, authentic

The Chief Minister said the project would create a definitive and authentic record comprising all details pertaining to the property, and would curtail land encroachment and fraudulent transactions of properties.
“This scheme has been inspired by a similar project in Scotland and we studied it before implementing it [here],” he added.
Mr. Gowda gave a time frame of three to four months to make UPOR certificates mandatory for all transactions related to urban properties.
“There is a shortage of tahsildars and it will take some time for us to appoint them, following which UPOR certificates will be made compulsory for any property dealings in urban areas,” the Chief Minister said.

Taken up in other cities

The UPOR project has been taken up in other cities, including Bangalore, Mangalore, Hubli-Dharwad, Bellary, Shimoga and Gulbarga.
He said that after the UPOR survey, it was found that there was more government land than originally perceived and instead of 2 lakh private properties, there were actually 2.75 lakh properties in the city. This increased the scope to augment property tax collection, Mr. Gowda said.

Ownership records

The property certificates would be considered as ownership records as per section 133 of the Karnataka Land Revenue Act. The information would be digitised and would include spatial data of the property, property map to scale and the sketch would also contain the coordinates. This would make it possible to delineate the property corners or boundaries without requiring the service of surveyors.
The UPOR would make mutations to property records automatic. The change will take effect in the system soon after registration. In addition, the property registration system and the local municipality or the corporation would be electronically linked.
As a result, there was no chance of fraudulent sale of land and connectivity to judiciary would ensure that resolution of litigations would be expedited. The UPOR certificate would also contain loan details.
The other benefits of the system included a clear demarcation of government land and any encroachment of the same would be clearly indicated.

Citizens' Service Centre

The Chief Minister also inaugurated a Citizens' Service Centre at Nazarbad, opposite the mini Vidhana Soudha complex, where the public can submit their documents to get a UPOR certificate.
Special camps will also be set up in the city for the collection of these records.
The Revenue Department, which is implementing the project, has taken note of the future expansion of Mysore and has included 42 villages surrounding the city under the UPOR.

S.A. Ramdas, Minister for Medical Education, H.S. Shankarlinge Gowda, Chamaraja MLA, and senior officials were present.


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