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Statesman story on property cards,paperless certificates
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PR Cards to be Mandatory from 1st May 2014...
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Urban property data goes digital. ReadMore..
Urban property ownership records projects gathers steam Read More..
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Karnataka to soon offer guaranteed land titles ...
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Survey of 2.75 lakh urban properties completed under UPOR project
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UPOR registration begins in Mysore urban
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Khatas not valid proof, IDs on way..
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Land Reform System in Karnataka Read More..
Urban property records A bold and timely step ...
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Soon, urban properties will have ownership record ...
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Urban Property Ownership Record (UPOR) Project

Responsibilities of Citizen

  1. Should cooperate with the SP’s or Department persons for surveying the properties
  2. Should provide the property related documents for confirming the ownership or other details
  3. Should verify the PR card given to you and any mistakes het it rectify by giving application.
  4. Keep PR card safely which is the only authenticated document for further transactions on a property.
  5. Provide figure print impressions whenever a new property is purchased so as to maintain security on a property.
  6. Register user accounts in the portal for getting the details of your property from anywhere in the world

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