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An accurate Property Records System is essential for a well functioning economy. Such well maintained land records system will reduce the scope of legal disputes over property ownership. The Revenue Department-Government of Karnataka (GoK), as per the Karnataka Land Revenue Act, is responsible for preparing, maintaining and preserving spatial and non spatial data relating to ownership of urban properties in the state. KLR Act contains detailed provisions for survey, title enquiry, appeals as well as roles and responsibilities of officers.

The Revenue Department is in process of implementing several measures for making the land records of the state accurate and reflective of the ground situation. The Bhoomi Project is one such step in this direction and has been hailed as major successful e-Governance project.


As part of its responsibility and obligation to Citizens and the Government, and as per mandate under KLR Act, Revenue Department has taken up the task of creating Urban property ownership records in 4 cities namely Mysore, Hubli-Dharwar, Bellary and Shimoga. This project is being implemented on Public Private Partnership (PPP) model. Service Providers have been chosen through tendering process to implement this project. The project got the approval and funding under the 12th Finance Commission committee.


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